Saturday, January 12, 2019

Peppi Beach Brekky Long Boat

We paddled out of the GBYC this morning at 6 AM in lake-like conditions - flat seas and not a hint of wind. Incredible paddling. The visibility underwater was spectacular - at one point we drifted with the current above an offshore reef for about 15 minutes... everyone riveted watching the bottom of the ocean go by. 

2:40 into Peppi Beach for a cold water shower and a magnificent bbq breakfast of Peppi Beach Bacon and Eggers. 

The second crew was back on the yacht club beach 2:45 after launching having spotted dolphins and an ominous black shark fin (Marnie says they paddled significantly faster after the Bruce encounter!) on the way home.

Tony checks the depth of the ocean over the reef.

Breakfast on the way...

Past the Jetty and almost home...

A well earned post-paddle soak...

Sunday, December 23, 2018

A Christmas Outrigger Canoe Blessing, A "Take Back the Ocean" Swim and a Festive Feast

After Bill conducted a blessing ceremony for the S.S. Dave and the newly relaunched Ariki Moana, four canoes paddled to the end of the Jetty for a "Take Back the Ocean" swim and frolic. We paddled back to home base for a champagne and festive feast at the Outrigger Shed.

A magnificent day on the water and a wonderful crew to enjoy it with. :)